Sunday, November 03, 2013

The First Felted Bowls

I have become obsessed with knitting and wet felting bowls. Since I started my knitting lessons a few weeks ago, I soon started knitting bowl shapes that are then washed and felted them.  They're knitted in the round and I quickly learned to love circular needles, too.

The first one I made was with a multicolor yarn.  You use two balls for each bowl using two strands knitted together in a very easy pattern on circular needles.  The next yarn I chose was a dark green with some chartreuse in it and since those are some of my favorite  colors it was an easy choice.

Both bowls came out to be exactly the same size and shape and my Fiesta chili bowl fit right inside to help set the shape.  I think it might be able to be used with the bowl as an insulator, keeping the contents warm.  Below you can see one of them knitted waiting for it's bath and then felted and almost ready to shape!

Knitted - ready for felting!
Checking the progress - ready to rinse and spin!

So here they are without the bowls inside! Great for keys beside the front door?  Don't know their use, but do know they will go to someone I love!  Too cute to keep - can't wait to see who choose what color!

So much fun, there will soon be more!

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