Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Christmas Miracle

No pressure!  My sweet husband ask for a scarf for Christmas!  NOT just any scarf, but one that contained the fiber from all three of our boys, spun and knitted by me!  EEK!

I have to admit that I thought about this for a long time before I got started, but that was because I was terrified of the entire process.  Finally I got started cleaning, carding and preparing the fiber of each of the boys to spin.  I did about 3 oz. of each and was thrilled when I had three balls of yarn!

i began to knit and quickly knew I didn't have enough!  Maybe I would have if I had spun thinner yarn, but mine was way more thick than thin and so it wasn't going to go very far.  So, I began again!  This time I just cleaned and carded Pancho's fiber and decided to use the other two yarns for fringe.  I cleaned, carded and spun 12 oz. of fiber.  I had to ply it, wash it and have it ready to knit and I did - on December 23rd.  Finally it was dry by the Monday evening and I began to knit!  It was done by shortly afternoon on Tuesday the 24th!  Even the fringe was on - it was a miracle!!!  Oh and yes, I slept - total knitting was around 5 hours!  Unbelievable! I'm still amazed.  Bill loved it and it was wrapped around his neck this morning as our temps finally dipped to the freezing mark.

Carding the fiber

Removing fiber from the drum carder

Washed and drying

Knitting almost done

Fringe added


Ready to wrap
It was such a thrill to give him the gift he wanted.  This time last year the boys were ours but hadn't moved to our property.  I hadn't even thought of spinning or knitting.  So to be able to gift him with a little part of the boys was not only a gift to him but to me!
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