Sunday, January 26, 2014

Aha Moment - Gotta Love Them

I am amazed at what a class on Matisse could do to my ordinary little paintings.  Those of you who know me have seen or received  my cards with my flowers, cupcakes, pumpkins etc.  Just sitting on the paper!  Often very cute, good colors, good shading - I actually really liked them, but suddenly Friday night when I looked at a pumpkin I thought what a blank canvas!  So I painted a fence and some leaves and what a difference it made!

Note:  this may be the great pumpkin Charlie Brown has been looking for!  Look at the size against that fence!!!!! :)

Fast forward to today and looking at my pattern swatches I suddenly saw a cupcake painting sitting to the side!  It was just a cupcake and I thought - wow, that is so flat!  Just a cupcake.  I've painted tons of these and slapped them onto the front of a card and sent them out!  EEK  To all of you who might have received one, I apologize.  The intent was good, the finished product, not so much.

Look at the difference some little colored circles make on these flat cupcake watercolor pictures!

Tell me this doesn't make a difference!  Even I would like to have one - suddenly they're happy and fun!  Not that every picture I paint needs bubbles, but I have learned that a background can change a picture from a plain jane to something much more fun.

I just love when a lightbulb goes off,  an "aha" moment!

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