Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Last Matisse!

I'm moving on to Gaudi later today or tomorrow!  It's time to let Matisse go, at least for now, before I get so far behind the other ladies doing this class.  We have a Facebook Page where we share our work and I'm seeing so many fabulous works of Gaudi and now Cezanne that I want to catch up and experience these different artist's styles, too.

I can't believe we have 9 artists we will be studying, see why I don't want to get further behind?  But, on the bright side the class is available for two years, so we can go back to our favorites and practice, practice, practice - I love this entire concept of "Studying Under the Masters" - {becoming an apprentice} - a big thanks to Jeanne Oliver and all of the other eight teachers!

So here is my last Matisse "Apples on a Table, Green Background" 1916.  I chose this because perspective is a tough one for me and I love how this incredibly famous artist apparently didn't give a flip!  He just painted what he liked and perspective be d*****!  And it's in a museum!!! Made me smile and relax in my art as I imagined the apples glued to the table - hahaha  Hope it does you, too!

My first sketch along side his painting.

Finished along side his!  Just couldn't get that green just right - might have to do some more work on this later!

Mine all alone - like it better when I don't have the Matisse to compare it with!  haha
Now on to Gaudi - what fun I will have! (I hope)

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