Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Return to the Brush!

It's been a long time since I picked up a paint brush, but Saturday I wanted to make a card for a friend so I painted a small flower and the bug bit me!

So last night I went up and started painting two blocks of wood.  Wood blocks (these are 4x4) are such a fun canvas.  You've got two sides and three edges to paint - so far I've just down the front or maybe it's the back of these two, but I had so much fun!

Tonight I headed up and painted another stepping stone!  I haven't done one in probably a year and I must say my soul sang!  Nothing makes me feel God's presence like painting a flower - even one that people will soon be stepping on.  All paining makes me feel close to Him, but flowers are just so special!  Seeing the girl right above this flower makes me laugh and think of my mom.  She didn't like the girls I drew, but she loved the flowers.  I love them both and miss my mom!  I think she would actually like this one!

This stepping stone will be dropped off at a friends house in a couple of days as a thank you for a delightful Christmas present.  I hope it will grace their garden for years to come.

I know there will be more painted stones soon, as I love this feeling!  I would paint all night, but tomorrow's another day and I have lots to do including a trip to my favorite wool store - preparing for my spinning class Saturday!  
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