Monday, March 31, 2014


Once again Junelle has taken me way beyond my comfort zone.  I'm still working on my owl blocks, but moved on to blooms.  I, of course, started with my mixed media pad and painted some tulips.  Back when my friend Emily was pushing and stretching me in my painting of flowers she requested a stone with tulips.   I still have it - she didn't really like my rendition, but I think she would be very pleased with my growth.

 I took this next picture as I was working on the project and now looking back at it I really like the small amount of color, so think I may do another similar picture and stop at this point.

This is a pencil sketch in my Bible Study book - I still need to do it on a block or watercolor paper.  I got the inspiration from an ad in a magazine.

This is one of my favorite flowers and  just a simple sketch on a 4x6 piece of WC paper.

This quick WC still needs to be done on a wood block bot not for sure that will happen, but like it and it was very relaxing to do.

This was a stone I painted in 2006 and it has been in my yard ever since.  I brought it in and started over.  Like most yard decorations it had faded and was a little beat up by the weed eater!  

This is the re-creation!  Totally different, but I like it just the same and it will soon be back in the yard for good.  They need to not get wet for about 48 hours after I finish them, so it's back in the house.  

Painting stones is my first love.  It's how I started painting but yesterday and today I also worked on the pieces I first mentioned that took me out of my comfort zone!  I got gooey with paint and Modge Podge.  The "Saturday Morning" class I'm taking is about wooden blocks.  They are tiny little canvases and lots of fun.  You saw my owls in the last post, well, as I said the next section was blooms and I've avoided the blocks at all costs!  I really don't like getting all yucky and sticky and I really thought the owl blocks would be the only time I did that piecing thing.  I was quite satisfied to just paint and sketch every where except on blocks.  I could just paint on them and that was my plan, but then so many people in the class posted such cute pictures and Junelle made it seem like so much fun to get gooey and sticky that I finally jumped in.

This first picture is of the background I put on the blocks and it was done with my fingers! I have a picture of that but won't bore you!

This second block is after I added the paper pieces to form my flowers - all added with the sticky Modge Podge!  I peeled that stuff off for hours, but I got it done!

Today after all was dry, I got out my paints and painted the flowers and stems!  The paper disappeared and my pretty 3D flowers appeared.  I got so into this, that I added more leaves that stuck out from the surface.  I will add some poems or quotes to the back and sides and I'll have my own little pollen free bouquet.

Junelle, loves making all sorts of these little blocks for gifts!  I really must confess I had a blast making these today, but don't know if it will become a "love to do kind of thing!"  Maybe? We will see and we'll see if they suddenly spring up as gifts!  Will post them again when I get the other sides complete!

So I close out March with the blooms! Off to create some more!
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