Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rooster Time

I've been having a sketching kind of week.  Last week I was spinning, but this week I've been back into my art classes a little more!  I really love to sketch.  I do it nearly every day and my "Studying Under the Master's Class is pushing me out of my comfort zone.  Using the art of Henry Clive as inspiration,  as taught by Christy Tomlinson I'm learning to refine those girls I so love to draw.  More about the girls in another post.

Yesterday was all about a girl I just couldn't quite get, so this morning I sat down with my "Quilting Arts" magazine that arrived last week and was flipping through it for inspiration for my morning sketch and I found an ad for a new DVD by Susan Brubaker Knapp called "It's all in the Finish".  I love Susan's work and her classes.  I have most of her DVD's and although I've never accomplished a stitched art quilt, it is in my list of things to do.  Please be sure and go check out her website - you will be amazed at her talent.

I took a mini class with Susan Brubaker Knapp at the Houston Quilt Festival last October and she showed us this rooster.  Today when I found it in my Quilting Arts magazine I just wanted to try and sketch it. I know from the class that she painted and quilted the one she's holding from a photograph and I sketched and watercolored my copy this morning in my journal.

Love Susan and her stitching and quilting and love this rooster. A fun way to start the day.
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