Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saturday Mornings

Those of you who follow me have heard me mention Junelle Jacobson many times.  I just can't stop taking her classes and her latest is Saturday Mornings.  Every other Saturday a new class comes live online and it's like having her drop in to your studio to paint with you.  She is so amazing in her presentations.   Such a sweet spirit!

First sketch before the watercolor.

So far I've worked on the owls, but am behind because she's already moved on to blooms and our next class is just around the corner.  The idea behind this Spring class is to work on wooden blocks.  I still plan on painting this on wood; however this is watercolor in my journal.

Watercolor in Mixed Media journal.

 I've laughed about this one - should have said makes it "owl" ok!  Probably will change it when I work on the rest of the block.

First wooden block - still have only done this side, so more work ahead.
 This block is out of my comfort zone!  We were to draw a sketch and then paper piece it.  You know get all gooey and messy.  Junelle makes it look like so much fun, but I sort of rebel at glue on my hands, but I tried and I hated how it turned out.  I scraped off what I had done and painted an owl and left it to dry.  The next day I decided to try it again and made this adorable hat.  Then I made a matching dress.  It turned out to be fun - sticky fingers and all! I titled this "looking for love at the seashore".
Front of block 
 By the time I got to the back side I was really into this glue thing!  I cut out pieces to make the eyes, hat and tuxedo on the "groom"  as she found love!  For her I glued lace to paper and then cut out her dress and hat.  Added some small flowers and called it done.
Back of block.
 But she wasn't happy with her dress - so I added some pearls and a diamond to her left wing!  She was happy and the sweet couple complete!

Junelle (click here to find out about this class) makes everything so much fun and so tonight I'm going to work on my first bloom block.  We'll see if I can get really messy tonight - lots of glue and paint and lots of fun!
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