Saturday, March 01, 2014

Time Flies!

Just looked and I haven't posted since January 30!  Oh my goodness where has the time gone?  My calendar tells me it's March 1, but I can't believe it.  We're already beginning the third month of the year - how has that happened?

I've been trying to divide my time between the alpacas, painting, spinning and knitting.  Of course, painting has taken the lead with my "Studying Under the Masters" class that began in the middle of January.  So today I have lots to show and really not lots to say, except what a great month February was for creativity and the completion of projects - some started as far back as 2006!  February was the first anniversary for the boys to be with us - We celebrated February 16 with two biggies -- Bill and I met 30 years ago and the boys moved in a year ago!  Both changed my life!

Studying under the art of the masters and our current teachers has taught me so much.  Some of the class work I've done, but most of what I've learned I've applied to my own style of painting and drawing.  I've relaxed in my willingness to paint and overpaint and layer and layer and not be afraid to try new things.  I'm so thankful for all of the women who have worked so hard to provide us with the weekly lessons, especially Jeanne Oliver for putting the class together.

So on to a review of February:

February began with core spinning this beautiful roving!  A combo of Merino Wool and Tussah Silk Top - I did core spinning so that I could show all of the colors and not hide them inside the yarn. This beautiful roving came from WC Mercantile in Navasota.

This was a sketch I finally painted and added the Matisse influenced background - I love my funny girls! The picture on the right was my copy of a Matisse painting.

Valentine's Day took me back to making cards, something that has fallen by the wayside - but I had fun making these!

I skipped over week two  and three of the class and jumped into Botticello.  Thankfully we have a full two years to complete the 9 weeks of classes.  I will go back and do them all, but just felt it was right to jump ahead at this time. This was a copy of his "Young Assistant" in my sketch book.  The second was the painting on a wood panel.

I had other Botticelli sketches and I kept jumping back to Matisse, but I moved on to the Georgia O'Keefe week.  This was my interpretation of a rose that our teacher Danielle Donaldson did as a lesson.  Followed by a watercolor in my old book journal.  I love the way the words from the book show through just slightly.

As I studied the masters and my teachers work, I found that I rush my paintings and that we can always go back and do more - rework so to speak.  The first painting I did in 2006, the first year I started painting.  I never added a background color  - it was naked canvas!  So I added the bright blue and then reworked the flower and leaves  creating a much more pleasing piece.

Next I just had to get back into some knitting and so I began two new bowls and finished one started weeks before.  Finally finished then by giving them a scrub in the washing machine that felted them into the finished bowls.

I went back to the studio and found this picture that had been painted in 2006 - again no background and it seemed very unfinished! I added a background and reworked the flower!  Really no comparison!

A dear friend finally came out to see me in the "far away" country and we made some fun cards and she brought me a beautiful hanging basket.  I was inspired to paint this little acrylic on WC paper.  I scanned it and printed some note cards from it. Love little pieces!

The reworking continued with this flower on canvas.  It was originally yellow and I don't even have a picture of that, then I painted it red, but never did any shading and it sat on a shelf for a year or more.  I had the background green with some stamped leaves.  I began to rework it and this is it - still not finished, but oh my what a difference.

And yesterday, the last day of the month I spun the last of the colorful roving.   Today when I took them both off of the spools they looked amazing alike and both were 30 feet.  I wish the colors would show up better, but I am really happy with this yarn and can't wait to decide just how to use it.

What a month! I didn't begin to show everything that I did this month, but a good portion of it. I hope every month will be this filled with yarn and paint!  And as a welcome to March - the first bluebonnet to appear in our yard!  Yes, Spring in Texas has arrived, even with a dip to freezing coming in the next few days!  :)
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