Monday, January 12, 2015

Place Mats & Table Runners from Jelly Rolls

Happy 2015!!!

Last time I posted I said I would be back soon with pictures of weaving with jelly rolls!  That was in October and here it is January 2015!  Eek! Sorry!!!!

When I got my first loom it was all about table runners and place mats!  Of course, you start with scarves!  Everyone does!  Kind of like knitting. :)

And one more!  Love this yarn!
Scarves I've women.

In the fall I discovered Lois Weaver, got a pattern and now have made three runners and completed one set of place mats.  Another set is started on the loom, but has taken a back seat to the holidays and getting the new year started.  As last time, I'm going to let the pictures with brief captions tell the rest of the story!
Moda Jelly Roll - normally think of it for quilts!

Side view of Moda Jelly Roll

Jelly roll strips laid out and cut in 1/2 for weaving!

Table runners has begun.

Checking how it looks - getting close to done!

Checking again - beautiful!

Washed and hanging to dry - love the striping.

Fringe has been trimmed.

On my table - I love it!

I cut the strips for this table runner from some fabric stash!

I wove two shorter runners with same warp.  Still connected together - but love the colors!
Scarf completed between runner and place mats!  Love this new yarn.
Love these colors - used for the following  place mats!

Made all four with one warp and cut apart.  Love the colors.
I toss all of the strips into a bag and pull them out blind - that makes
the mats go together, but each place mat different from the others!

And now the next set begins.  I warped with four different colors
that all match the fabric. 

I'm making 14 of these place mats - 6 for my friend Deb and 8 for me.
The colors go with our Fiesta dishes!  

So that ends the saga of the table runners and place mats for now.  I will post pictures of these last mats when they're done.  I'm so far behind, but have them at the top of my to do list!  Hopefully, they will be complete soon!

I really am going to try and post more regularly, however, I have a lot on my agenda. I just had a great fiber weekend and so there is much to post, but also much to do.  I have a fiber area to prepare in the garage and lots of organization and clean out to do this year and yet so little time!

I will TRY to be back soon!  Be sure to follow my blog Jack and the Alpacas - I'm going to try and use it for my fiber posts, especially if it includes using the fiber from the boys…..

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