Monday, January 26, 2015

Silly Little Birdhouses

Kathryn and Aiden painting birdhouses summer 2014
I have had more fun with these little $1 birdhouses from Jo-ann's.  I picked them up during the summer and have been playing with them ever since.  I have two on our mantle, my great-grandson and his mom both painted some when they were here during the summer and I played with a couple today.

I always seem to have some in the works - one phase or another.  I took the time to gesso all of them so they would be ready when the urge struck.

The best part of these is that you can't mess up  If you do, you redo and they only cost a $1.  And there's always a paint over and start over!  That's the part I love.  It's sort of like the wood blocks that Junelle Jacobson has taught me to paint in her various classes.  She has a new "Saturday Morning" class starting soon and we will be working with blocks again.

My first paper piecing flowers on wood blocks.
Again, thanks Junelle!

But, as usual, I've jumped topics - I'm all about the birdhouses right now.  So I did two this weekend. Thanks to Junelle I now play in gesso and Mod Podge like I'm a three year old. So I put on my apron and got out the papers, glue and paint and had a blast.

My first house was all torn papers.  I used some fab Tim Holtz papers with some birds on it.  Also, had some papers with French writing and had to add that too.  Ended up pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

When Archivers was going out of business I bought some interesting sheets of paper, so did my next house with a map of the Paris bus system or so it says, I think.  In other words, they could say that and I wouldn't know, but I like the paper.  End result, if I have a French bird fly into my studio he will like this house!

Starting a block class with Junelle soon, so watch for some cute painted blocks!

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