Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almost back to normal

Just came home from the doctor and I'm in a little splint! Yea! I can't believe I'm finally out of that cast. Surgery was five weeks ago today and I start therapy next week - in another six weeks I should finally be the real me! Back to scrapping, stamping, gardening and more!

This has been quite a summer. One to remember (or forget), with my fall on June 7, my friend's death on June 26 and now six more weeks - it will be August 25th when I go back to the doctor - that's after summer for my granddaughter has ended! School will be back in session and making cards for Christmas will hopefully be underway.

Today is a great day in more than just the cast removal, it's also a major special day because our grand-daughter Katie arrived this morning for a long weekend. We're looking forward to days filled with good food, shopping and who knows what other fun things. She lives in Indiana, so she's not here with us in Texas very often, so we are excited.
The plain little black "bracelet" is the new splint, the decorated one is my black cast with flowers etc. painted on with acrylic paint! As my mom said, "I made lemonade out of a lemon." I'm so thankful this part is nearly over! More later.
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