Monday, September 19, 2011

It's a Mac

I've been having some issues with my Dell for a while and so I've crossed over to the world of a MacBook Pro!  I never thought I'd want one, but guess what - it's wonderful.  Of course, I had already begun the switch, first with an iPhone and then my iPad this summer, so it wasn't really a hard decision.  Now I'm Apple all the way.

But, even with my small Apple devices, I'm having a bit of a learning curve and will take advantage of all of the training Apple offers. Next week I'll go in for a lesson on photographs and based on how long it took me to import one today to this blog, I need the class!  But, I got it done!

I've been having a blast painting flowers and veggies on bookmarks and note cards. This is a recent bookmark.  I just love sunflowers, they make me happy in my garden and when I paint them, so this is the first one I shall post.  I just completed 16 bookmarks last week for my Bible Study group - so there are many more pictures to come.  I've been experimenting for several months now with all sorts of little paintings, so I'll be sharing a lot over the next few weeks.

I have way too many things I want to do and way too little time, but as I move to mixed media, silk paper and machine needle felting I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

And the icing on the cake, the Houston Quilt Show begins in just a little over a month!!!!!  Can you tell I'm excited?  I can't wait to see the new ideas I will have when it's over, not to mention the new craft materials that will find their way into my work space.  The only bummer is that I won't have my daughter here this year to shop with me.  The two of us together are very dangerous in a "craft" environment, so maybe I'll do less damage this year, but I sure won't have as much fun!

Time to go create (dinner) so I'll say adios and see you again soon.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Things They are a Changin'

Today I changed the look of my blog and gave it a new name. These changes were necessary as my focus has moved in a different direction.
I still use my stamps and am still a Stampin' Up demo, at least this quarter, but that's no longer my focus. I'm now what they call a hobby demo. I've begun to do a lot of watercoloring and am making bookmarks and note cards and enjoying it ever so much.

In 2006 I began painting for the first time. I began with round garden stepping stones, painting a variety of flowers on them and they were quite a success. You can see my stones on my Obedience Stones blog. I still paint the garden stones, but my focus is on watercolors and so many other things such as making silk paper and needle felting, that I changed the blog.

I will be posting again, but now rather than the focus on cards, one day you'll see some bookmarks, another some note cards or just the watercolors waiting to be used on a card. Other days mixed media projects, or silk paper will fill the blog.

I hope you will enjoy the new look and the new focus (or lack there of) as much as I am! It's fun to wake up and try something new each day. So as the title says, "things they are a changin' "- hope you'll stick with me and enjoy the ride.

See you again soon.
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