Sunday, October 14, 2012


I finally had some time in my craft room yesterday and got the back sides of my pumpkins finished.  You saw the fronts in my last post and here is the back.  In my earlier post I said I was going to use Martha Stewart decals, but traced some instead and painted them  I just wasn't for sure how decals would hold up over time!  Now I need to drill holes nd add the wire hanger and get them on my doors. I have one more to make - front and back for  side door.

I've put my witch legs into a pot and so now it's just add the wires and the front of the house will be ready for Halloween.  I am going to do one large pumpkin for the front door.  It will take the place of the witch shoe on November 1.  Can you believe we're talking about November 1!  I was going to make some candy corn to place along the sidewalk - beginning to think that will be added next year!  Haha Time just flies by way too fast.

I have pieces I want to make for Christmas, so I'm already in the planning stages those.  I want one large piece for front door and two or three smaller ones for the other doors.

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