Monday, October 27, 2014

For the Love of Weaving!

Well, I've let my Facebook Page be my main communication for way too long!  I've been spinning some and weaving lots, since I got my "first" loom in April!  You read that right!  First loom - yes, there's already a second, but more about that later.

I could write tons about how much I love weaving, but I'm just going to caption some pictures and let them speak for themselves!

This amazing yarn I wove!  It was over spun, but is a fab yarn!
Here it is finished
So it became a belt!
Tried to wear it as a scarf, but it was very stiff!

My next adventure into weaving required some spinning first.  I got these two batts at WC Mercantile in the early summer.  Finally I had a plan and I love the results.

These fibers were spun together to become ...

this yarn!

Here it is ready to be rolled into a ball!
Maybe just a hair too much twist! :)

Look at this amazing texture!

Woven into a fab scarf!

There's been more spinning and weaving and more will follow soon!  A great adventure using jelly rolls is coming soon!

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