Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 Catch up - Spinning!

It's been a busy arty kind of year so far and I can't believe how far into the year we are now!  The middle of November and that means Christmas is just around the corner! I've used Facebook most of this year to show off my work, but want to catch up my Blog with some notes and pictures of my creative year.

2015 has been a year of working in many different medias - beginning with spinning and all of the prep that goes into that such as shearing (see Jack and the Alpacas for more on that) carding, blending and, of course, buying pretty fiber.  Weaving wasn't left out as I worked on and completed a set of six placements for a friend. Planned on them for Christmas 2014, but turned out to be birthday June 2015!

And then back to my first and second love - photography and painting. I've taken a number of online art classes this year, with Jane LaFazio, Junelle Jacobson, Valerie Weller, Jeanne Oliver and Julie Johnson.

It's been too busy to do just one post, so this first will feature spinning, followed with weaving and watercolor/journaling.

I had to show one shearing picture (see more at Jack and the Alpacas) - it shows the process from the beginning. Shearing, sorting,washing, carding and the spinning: There are no pictures of the first sorting and washing.
Lefty being sheared - a nice size blanket!

First run through the carder!
Looking better - almost ready
to spin!

And now just a variety of the various yarns spun this year. They are wool not alpaca and the initial fiber was not prepped by me. I just did the spinning.

Next up weaving. 

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