Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Cards Almost Complete

After a couple of busy days, I finally got back to sketching and painting. And now they're all complete! It was an amazing journey and I learned that the more you sketch the same thing the better it gets. It was amazing to watch the sketching and the painting change and honestly I really like the last ones better than the first.  Reminded me of the bible verse, where Jesus says, "The first shall be last and the last shall be first."

I was so excited to get the last card part printed, cut and folded that I counted out the envelopes and decided to run them through the embosser - so envelopes have a snowflake! Hope it doesn't jam the post office machinery!

So now I prepare to do the real work addressing and one more fun art project of drawing a card for the children in my life. I'm sending them a separate card addressed just to them. Do you remember how much fun it was to get mail as a child?

And then, it's back to the spinning wheel to get some gifts done - just 14 days from tonight, so I'm hoping some spinning and knitting elves arrive to help!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Christmas...

I love this time of year! I grew up near St. Louis and I still remember cold and snow and sledding and snow people!  And to top it off, I am taking a most magical winter art class with Junelle Jacobson. All of the posted art has made be even more excited for the season.

Never mind that I'm writing this and it's almost 70 degrees outside. We have had some "cold" 40"s mornings lately. Remember cold is all in perspective! lol

For years I made our Christmas cards. I cut and pasted and stamped for weeks.  A year or so ago I decided to change the program and printed our cards from a painting I had done of a poinsettia. Last year we jumped on the photo card bandwagon and did a fun one featuring our alpacas, chickens, dog and us. We even had one of our dog herding our "fake" sheep.

This year I was led to a stone I painted several years ago of the Madonna and child. Just felt like I was supposed to paint it for this year's card. My plan was to paint one and then scan and print it just like I did the poinsettia, but God had something else in mind.

Initial sketch from stone in journal

As I was driving into Katy for lunch with a friend I was praying about the card and how to do it. I promise, I heard (in my heart) "paint each one."  What???????  I needed around 35.  When I mentioned it at lunch, I was reminded that it was the painting I found joyous not scanning/printing. So it was decided!

 So this was a picture of my the sketch I decided I would use for the cards, after positive reaction of Facebook! But, of course, I tried to do it the "easy" way. Only when you're not being obedient the easy way can often be the most difficult and frustrating way.  The more I tried to print it the crazier life in our house became! The printer wouldn't print. Ran out of ink. Lines and marks appeared in the prints. The colors were so off the sheep were almost purple and I might add this is not theworst picture!

An image of my original with the nearly purple sheep!
And so I cut watercolor paper and I began to sketch. I  sketched and inked 21 pieces Saturday morning. No two are alike. First I started with one sheep, but then as I drew I thought why not a mama and a baby sheep and so there became two.  Late last night I completed the first water coloring portion and at the last I was still changing some things up as I painted. I got the rest of the card printed and ready for the attachments. I will sketch and paint another 15-20 over the next few days.

Most of the 21 complete! I see one unfinished peeking out at the bottom.

And, of course while I was painting, I just had to sketch some shepherds watching over their flocks!

Sheep sleep all close together looking like giant cotton balls! My first try at this  they looked like a stone wall! lol

As I said to a friend tonight, obedience can be a lot of work, but, oh, so joyous!  I'm sure He would have ask me to do more, but knows that I have something to sketch and paint for my sweet husband and I have a church (award for best religious winner for our neighborhood lighting contest) to be completed this week, along with that fun, fun Junelle Jacobson art class! And some special spinning for a dear friend, but more of that in a fiber post.

My sketch in journal and the nearly 5' church to be painted -  doors and windows are sketched in.

Busy time of the year. 
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