Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Day 11 Watercolor Sketch

Day 11- and I tried something new. Well, new to me. I just took a page in my journal and started adding colors.  I knew I wanted a bouquet in a pot of some sort and the pot turned out to be a teapot of sorts! lol I walked off and let it dry! That is so hard for me to do - once I start I just want to keep on going, but I knew I couldn't add ink until it was dry so I busied myself .

When I came back I began to do some inking with my Pitt fine point pen and added some additional green stems and leaves and added some color to the flowers and teapot. I added some swirls and color to ground it. I was pretty sure I was done, so I signed and dated it!

Well, that was not the case. As always, I had to add some more ink and color and then I could call it done. Well, for today!   lol I will probably still add more later, even weeks or months later when I look at it again and see a spot that I would like to change. I'm not for sure a piece is ever done!

There will be another sketch tomorrow, but may save up for a few days and do a post about my most current yarns.

Come back and see what's next.

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